Fruit Fever World trailer!

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Magic Sollitaire World trailer

The trailer for Spil Games’ Magic Solitaire World has gone live!
It’s pink and purple, has lots of sparkles and bunnies!


Becel new bottle tag-on

I got asked (by Third Eye Productions / Being There) to build and replace a Becel bottle in this short tv commercial. I don’t do realistic 3D that often. Recreating the reflections was a problem a challenge…  I’m not sure this is portfolio worthy so I’ll post this here.. 


I made an electric widget

It does technology things and is handy and stuff

The client liked it. The client’s client liked it too. Then the client’s client’s client said OMG WTF, NO WAY, this is all wrong!!!  YOU SUCK >:-( !11 ….and so the project is dead.

Still… It’s a pretty nice electric widget… *sigh*